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Why Should I Go To Therapy?

The simple answer is: it helps to get what bothers us OUT. When people think about therapy, they often picture what they see on TV. The truth is - therapy can look different depending on you and your needs. Sometimes we don't have much support at home, and we need a person with whom to share our thoughts and feelings. At other times, we may have the support of friends or family but need someone's perspective from outside our circle. Either way, it is incredibly important to find a good therapist you can connect with and trust to help you in your journey toward feeling better.

Going to therapy is a foundational component to improving your mental health. A licensed therapist can help you in your process to resolve trauma through EMDR or other mindfulness methods, as well as provide a safe space for you or your family members to process daily stressors. If you feel like you need life coaching or assistance with certain changes you want to make in your life, seeing a therapist can help with those goals on a short-term or long-term basis.

Counseling is designed to go at your pace and be centered around your goals. Finding a therapist who will listen to your needs and provide you with evidence-based treatments can:

  • help you feel more at ease in your daily life

  • allow you to unburden yourself from stress in a safe and unbiased setting

  • release stuck points of negative thinking related to trauma or other adverse life events

  • aid in helping you communicate better with family members

Therapy is for YOU. It can be a crucial aspect of self-care. If you feel drained by others or in your life, having a space to take care of yourself and feel safe is what the therapy room is meant to provide. I hope you will take the opportunity to seek a therapist today to help you on your path forward.

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