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As a dual license holder in the State of Oklahoma (therapist + attorney), one goal I hope to achieve is a mutual understanding between the legal and mental health fields. Communication between these two fields is absolutely necessary to make sure people who are divorcing, are incarcerated or are experiencing a mental health crisis are appropriately addressed from a trauma-informed foundation. Lack of education on either front means that the legal system is inadequately equipped to make appropriate care decisions, or counselors are unable to ethically and morally represent their clients' needs in the judicial system. I have experience in prosecuting and representing delinquency from a counseling perspective, and my experience informs my passion to bridge the gap between these two fields. 

My practice provides for-fee consultation services which include psycho-education in the seminar format, as well as individual consultation with counselors, lawyers and judges to provide information and resources for learning so we can all do better by one another and find healthy solutions, regardless of the context.

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