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We all have family needs, whether they are derived from our biological or chosen families. I use my experience with families, mediation methods and positive parenting techniques with adolescents to assist your family with mutual understanding and enhanced communication. With more than ten years of practice in family law, I am familiar with generational trauma and other difficulties that impact the family system, such as addiction, low income, delinquency or domestic violence. I am available to work individually with members of the family as well as with couples or entire families to mediate important needs in relationship. 

Adolescents may benefit from individual psychotherapy in addition to family therapy sessions, and while I promote openness in the family system, I maintain all boundaries of confidentiality between individual sessions and family sessions to promote the quality of care for all involved. 

Family therapy is a choice, but it can be a choice that makes the difference in daily life for those living under the same roof. I encourage couples and parents to eagerly participate in every session, while coming to terms with their individual therapeutic needs. 



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